A simple sandwich

Last month I had lunch with my friend. While we were conversing over making our own sandwiches we commented how it’s just more fun to make a meal & eat it, even if it’s just a sandwich, with someone. Today while rummaging through my fridge, I pulled out the exact same ingredients to make a sandwich and sure enough, it doesn’t taste nearly as good as the day I had it with my friend. The memories that food can evoke are amazing! I will always associate fresh strawberries, ditalini pasta and those pink Canadian mints with my grandmother. I will always associate Elio’s pizza with Friday school lunches. Homemade Guacamole and lots of wine with Jill. Porchetta from a street vendor in Italy with Debbie. Raspberry Mousse in my wedding cake. The list can go on and on.
What type of food memories do you have?


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3 Responses to A simple sandwich

  1. llsisters says:

    Don’t forget about the tic tacs during church…I don’t know where Gram kept them but they were always there. I will always remember haluski or tuna-fish and noodles on Friday’s during Lent (and if we were lucky, we would find Mom’s stash of frozen Milky Ways). Who could forget the hours making perogies and serving them in melted butter with fried onions? Mashed potatoes with saffron at Debbie’s house on Christmas Eve.The day I made filet mignon in a cabernet reduction sauce with garlic mashed potatoes for Eric and Steve. Sweet potato gnocchi and duck with Debbie in Kansas City. Enjoying the cheese platter and warm baguettes with Denise and Linden Vineyards, Va. Taking a trip to Manhattan with Eric just to go to Eataly and sample the best proscuitto I have had in my life (I can’t wait to go back).
    Who could forget the pounds of strawberries we ate over the years when we were supposed to be picking? Or the ‘tastings’ we would get from Mrs. Dee’s pear tree, horseradish plants, tomato plants, or her kitchen?

  2. llsisters says:

    Chris and I were talking about Scooter Pies the other day and I thought I was going to get sick. I didn’t like them then and can’t think about them now. Do you remember the Wonder Bread store in town, right past Mimi’s pizzeria and italian ice? What was that place in Elizabeth where we’d get the Scooter Pies and other treats? One other favorite childhood memory is the sweedish fish in the brown sandwich bags at the Little League fields. Remember how warm they would be from sitting out in the sun :)


  3. Davine :) says:

    Was it the sandwich we ate together? It surely tasted better with you my dear friend. I love you! xoxoxo

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